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The SmithEnvironment blog is the work of Robin Smith. I am  a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in environmental law and policy.   Before starting a private environmental law and consulting firm in 2013,  I served as Assistant Secretary for Environment at the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) for twelve years and had responsibility for the state’s water quality, air quality, sedimentation, mining, drinking water, coastal management, solid waste and hazardous waste programs.  Prior to accepting the appointment at NCDENR,  I  held the position of  Special Deputy Attorney General in the Environmental  Division  of the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.  There, I provided legal advice to state  environmental agencies and litigated environmental cases.

The blog  provides nonpartisan discussion and analysis of  environmental issues with a special focus on water law  and energy policy. The blog has its roots in North Carolina, but follows environmental  issues at the state and national level.

Robin  Smith

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6 thoughts on “About SmithEnvironment

  1. Martin Richmond

    Robin – outstanding work. Thanks for tracking all this and providing thoughtful summary. Looking forward to more.

    (I used to be the stream buffer guy in the RRO, but left July 11. Gotta know when it’s time to go…)

  2. Martha Wycoff

    The NC General Assembly’s change in law that eliminated zoning restriction enforcement for ‘agriculture,’ even allows a property zoned residential, located in the middle of an already developed residential, non-farming neighborhood, as was the case in my community, to be converted into a working commercial style poultry farm by a resident, where no farming was occurring on the site and the resident was unknown to be a farmer, with the property recorded at the time (2013) recorded in a family member’s name! Who could ever have thought this would be law in North Carolina? The resident’s comment was,’ “if we (the community) did not like what he was doing we could stop eating chicken” which has basically described what we as a rural, non-farming neighborhood of working class people have had to endure since establishment of the commercial-style poultry farm was created as our newest next door neighbor with an expansion reported in the near future! Rural, non-farming families and established neighborhoods are not being represented or protected in North Carolina by those we elected! To regain any quality of life it seems rural people who are non-farmers are going to have to abandon their homes, if not North Carolina all together, due to the failure of the NC Legislature to protect the public at the place where we primarily exist, at our homes of all places!!!!!!! Not what I expected to ever occur in this state after having been a life-long native..


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