Note to Readers

February 11, 2015: Links to bill drafts and North Carolina session laws in earlier posts are not working because the North Carolina General Assembly’s primary website ( went down yesterday.  As of 8:00 this morning,  the site is still dark. (According to news reports,  the domain expired and legislative staff are  working to restore the domain.)

In the meantime, much of the content of the website can be accessed at a backup website here. To pull up a specific bill, go to the box on the upper right of the page where there is an option to “Find a bill”.  First, set the date to the appropriate legislative session.  The bill search function defaults to the current session (2015-2016), but you can use the down arrow to  go to an earlier session. Then enter the bill number.

Example: To find the 2014 Coal Ash Management Act, set the session date to 2013-2014 and enter  S 729 as the bill number.

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